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On our electronic learning environment (vle.codeniacs.eu) you will find numerous courses on the latest ICT techniques that are used to develop entrepreneurial learning and other 21st-century skills.

Train de trainer

Entrepreneurial teachers are first trained through our train-the-trainer course in Entrepreneurial learning through ICT. Education courses help them to challenge students in steps to more entrepreneurial learning. In doing so, account is taken of the differences in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour between the various pupils. Every pupil is therefore well catered for and only a few of them really become a young ICT entrepreneur. Ultimately, the students who have proven themselves the most in 21st-century skills (ICT, entrepreneurial behavior, collaboration, solving, creativity, etc.) will showcase this during meetups within the school. A selection of them will be invited to a national hackathon Hack Education and the winners among them for an international summit. All trainers are well trained by our courses for all these different aspects of their job.


The courses are built around challenges, one of the building blocks of enterprising learning. Challenges are attractive challenges that increase in freedom and complexity during the course, but are always adapted to the level and development of each child. A talented child can therefore go much deeper and further than other pupils. An entrepreneurial child has plenty of room to devise and implement his own challenges - provided they lead to the same learning objectives.


The object-oriented thinking that people naturally do is still strongly present in children. This is a big advantage because IT people use this way of thinking to make complex systems more transparent. That is why the first course starts with Scratch, a programming language that works with blocks as objects. By adjusting the properties of blocks and connecting blocks to each other, young children can quickly and easily build attractive online games.


A course can be seen as a theme of a Hackathon. The following themes a student can choose for his or her challenge;