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Codeniacs is an initiative of the Eclipse Incubators foundation in collaboration with various partners. Codeniacs implements entrepreneurial learning through ICT in schools. The starting point is that it relieves the school. This is achieved by making guest lecturers available for FREE, a online platform and events. Schools in developing countries can receive extra support because in that case Codeniacs collects ICT materials such as laptops through a fundraising. See for example our project in Gambia.


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Codeniacs is designed in such a way that teachers and schools are relieved in a fun way. Through an online learning environment, educational advisers, guest lecturers and events, all expertise is delivered for FREE. The school does make a commitment though and delivers the right means. In this way, a school can learn and execute in a simple and sustainable manner entrepreneurial learning through ICT. So after a kick-start the school can run the codeniacs program themselves.

Modern techniques

The courses deepen ICT disciplines that are important now and in the future. In each discipline pupils go to work with challenges that appeal to them. Doing so, the students program their solutions in Scratch, Blockly, Wikitext, HTML, CSS, Javascript and eventually even in Python. Open source software such as Git, ATOM, Blender, GIMP and Inkscape is used.

21st century skills

In addition to the IT and entrepreneurial skills, the courses automatically train the other 21st century skills. Not by drilling, but by seriously mimicking reality following their own passions. Students choose a challenge that they enter into with others.



Several meetups take place within the school. A meetup is a modern form of meeting. Just like a meeting, it is a meeting of several like-minded people who speak together and decide on a common goal. In the case of Codeniacs, the aim is to improve education through the use of ICT and to become more entrepreneurial. There is a meetup in each class on which the participating classes of a school each decide which team with which idea is going to register for a national hackathon "Hack the Education".


The teams from the different participating schools in a certain country and other interested parties will convert their idea into a minimum viable product (MVP). An MVP is a product with just enough functions to satisfy customers and get feedback for future product development. This elaboration happens during a hackathon. A hackathon is an event in which - under close supervision by experts - a team sprints to a new design. The hackathon is also a competition in which the best MVPs are rewarded with a prize.


The winners of the national hackathons are invited to an international virtual summit. A summit is an important formal meeting between leaders from two or more countries, in this case the winners of the national hackathons. These toppers in the field of entrepreneurial learning by ICT will discuss how to join forces. In addition, they will exchange ideas about this with the world at an online conference.