From Codeniacs

One of the developing countries where Codeniacs is being carried out as a charity is Gambia.


The setup is in this case as follows:

  • It concerns students and teachers who are open to entrepreneurial learning and ICT.
  • The period in which guest teachers from the Netherlands train teachers and students takes a month.
  • Teachers are fully trained on the job after a selecting pre-training.
  • After the intensive training the students and teachers continue to develop through our online platform.


The conditions for participation are;

  • Every week - during the intensive training period - a school makes at least one full day available for the teacher and his class to conduct entrepreneurial learning through ICT.
  • The school promises commitment after this intensive period, because it prepares visibly and seriously for participation in the events of Codeniacs.


The registration is as follows;

  • The school director sends a signed letter to in which the school motivates why they want to participate, how they will fulfill the stated trust and which classes will participate.
  • The letter is accompanied by all kinds of information (folder, website, photos, location) of the school and a copy of the identity card of the school director and proof that she or he is the legal representative of the school concerned.
  • At the moment there are at least five classes registered who participate during different days in the week, the recruitment of ICT materials in the Netherlands starts.
  • After the necessary materials have been collected, arrangements are made for the training month.


Codeniacs works together with local partners in Gambia to ensure that we make ourselves superfluous; "give them a fish and learn how to catch fish before you give them fish daily". After an initial visit all knowledge and skills have been transferred to local people.

The responsibility in the implementation and the initiative will lie with these four partners. With this we ensure that we do not deliver anything which schools or the society not really need. Codeniacs will support the project from the Netherlands at the request of the local partners.


Local entrepreneurs

Dutch support


Gambian Schools involved;

  • St. Peter’s High School, principal Mr. Paul Mendy.
  • St. Augustine’s High School
  • John Pickering High School, principal Mr. Boto Camara
  • Center for Academic Excellence, represented by Mr. Ebrima Sarr
  • University of The Gambia
  • Gambia College, represented by Mr. Ebrima York